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Books About Swimming

Swimming is one of the healthiest sports that one can take up. Not only will it help keep you in shape but it will also build up your stamina, endurance and -- who knows -- there may come a day when you wind up on Survivor where it would help you a great deal in the challenges. Yet if you need an inspiring story about taking up swimming you have to love Haley Cope's story. Her parents weren't swimmers. Her mother was actually afraid to go into any body of water and her father wasn't much better. Yet Haley took up the sport and went through the various hours of daily training that paid off with a collection of trophies and medals and the acclaim and personal satisfaction that you just can't put up on the shelf.

So, even if you are not interested in competitive swimming picking up one of these great books to learn the proper techniques and tricks of the trade (and then obviously getting into the water and practicing) is a great way to make you feel better about yourself and your body and health will thank you along the way.

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