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When Haley Cope appeared in her summer pictorial for Playboy some may have wondered if the popular magazine had a typo on its hands when it billed her as Haley Clark. In fact, it was not. While the Olympian continues to compete under her name -- Haley Cope -- she married her coach back in 2002 -- Brian Clark -- so Haley Cope is also, in fact, Mrs. Clark.

Well, at least she didn't have to change her monograms by keeping it in the Cs. That said, her swimming credentials only got more impressive after she was married. According to her sponsor, Fina, this is how well she has performed in the water:

Top performances: 2001: LC World Championships - 1st 50m backstroke (28.51), 6th 50m free (25.25), 11th 100m backstroke (1:02.61)

2002: SC World Championships - 1st 100m backstroke (59.07), 2nd 50m backstroke (27.44), 4th 50m free (24.70), 2nd 4x100m medley relay (3:57.17), 4th 4x100m free relay (3:37.10), Pan Pacs - 3rd 100m backstroke (1:01.74)

2003: LC World Championships - 8th 50m backstroke (28.99), 13th 50m free (25.52), 25th 100m backstroke (1:03.45)

2004: Olympic Games - 8th 100m backstroke (1:01.76); SC World Championships - 1st 50m backstroke (27.49), 1st 100m backstroke (59.03), 2nd 4x100m medley relay (3:55.68)

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